User Manuals

Software Manuals

The User Manual is provided in .pdf format. To view the file, follow the instructions below:

If your operating system is Windows or macOS, you must have the latest version of Adobe PDF Reader installed. To install it, make sure your system meets the following requirements:


  • Intel® or AMD processor; 1.5 GHz processor or faster
  • Windows Server 2012 (64-bit), 2012 R2 (64-bit)†, 2016 (64-bit), or 2019 (64-bit); Windows 8, 8.1 (32 and 64-bit)†, or Windows 10 (32 and 64-bit)
  • 1GB of RAM
  • 680 MB of available hard-disk space
  • Screen resolution of 1024x768
  • Internet Explorer 11

Mac OS

  • Intel or Apple Silicon processor
  • macOS v10.13, macOS v10.14, macOS v10.15, or macOS v11*
  • 1GB of RAM
  • 560 MB of available hard-disk space
  • Screen resolution of 1024x768
  • Safari 10.0 or 11.0 (browser plug-in for Safari compatible only with 64-bit Intel processors)

You can download the program from the following website:

Physical User Manual
You can request a printed copy of the product's User Manual by calling our Support organization at (+34) 96 317 36 10, indicating the version and license number. Within 7 days, you will receive a copy of the manual free of charge. If you do not receive it or encounter any issues related to the request, please contact the same number.


  • Contact us through the phone number: (+34) 963 173 610
  • The phone is available from Monday to Friday, from 08:00 to 18:00 hours
  • If you need technical assistance, please contact: [email protected]
  • In case of a medical incident related to the product's use, get in touch with: [email protected]

Every time a new version of the product or instruction manual is released, a notification will be sent via email to all customers by the Customer Service department, announcing the new version of the manual.

Product Publish date Manual version Product version Language Medical Device Basic UDI-DI Posted for security reasons? Manual review PDF Manual
OSIS Ovary 10/10/2023 2.0 1.1 English_EN YES 8437024165OSIS7J NO Read manual
OSIS Ovary 11/05/2023 1.0 1 English_EN YES 8437024165OSIS7J NO Read manual